A Comprehensive Guide to EPFO Services: Login, UAN, Claim Status, and More

A Comprehensive Guide to EPFO Services

I. Introduction to EPFO


EPFO: The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) is a government body that ensures the financial security and well-being of employees across various sectors in India. Established to manage employees’ provident fund, pension, and insurance schemes, EPFO plays a crucial role in securing the future of millions of workers.

Statistic / InformationDescription
Establishment YearEPFO was established on [4 March 1952]
Number of Members[4,50,60,972] of active members under EPFO
Services ProvidedProvident Fund, Pension, and Insurance schemes
EPFO Member PortalAccess member services and account details online
EPFO UANUniversal Account Number for linking multiple PF accounts
EPFO Member PassbookView contributions and transactions in the account
Online Claim SubmissionSubmit claims such as PF withdrawal and pensions online
EPFO Employer LoginEmployers can access and manage employee accounts
EPFO Compliance ReportingEmployers can submit statutory contributions online
EPFO Employee LoginEmployees can access personal account information
EPFO KYCComplete Know Your Customer process for verification
EPFO Balance CheckCheck EPF account balance through online methods
UPSC EPFO ExamExamination for recruitment to EPFO services
Umang EPFOAccess EPFO services through the Umang mobile app
EPFO Customer SupportContact EPFO customer care for queries and assistance
EPFO Claim StatusCheck the status of claim applications online

II. EPFO Member Services

EPFO offers a range of services to its members, enabling them to access their provident fund accounts conveniently. To avail these services, employees need to register as EPFO members. Once registered, members can log in to the EPFO Member Portal to access a plethora of features. The Member Home Page serves as a dashboard, providing an overview of the member’s account.

One of the essential features available is the EPFO Member Passbook, which allows members to view their contribution details and transactions. Members can also update their profile information and track the status of any claims submitted.

III. EPFO UAN Services

The Universal Account Number (UAN) is a unique identifier allotted to each EPFO member. The UAN simplifies the management of multiple PF accounts by linking them under a single umbrella. Members can log in using their UAN to access various services and benefits.

The EPFO UAN Login Process is user-friendly, and once logged in, members can check their EPF balance, download the EPFO UAN Passbook, and even submit claims online. UAN enables quick and hassle-free claim settlements, ensuring members can access their funds when required.

IV. EPFO Claim Services

EPFO provides different types of claims, such as PF withdrawal, partial withdrawals, and pension claims. With the EPFO’s online claim submission process, members can apply for withdrawals without visiting a regional office physically.

The portal also enables users to track the EPFO Claim Status, ensuring transparency and keeping members informed about the progress of their claim applications.

V. EPFO Employer Services

Employers also benefit from EPFO services, as they can access the EPFO Employer Login portal to manage their employees’ accounts. They can efficiently process PF contributions, generate challans, and submit statutory contributions through the portal. Compliance reporting and employee management become streamlined through this platform.

VI. EPFO Employee Services

Employees can access their personal account details through the EPFO Employee Login portal. They can update their contact information, nominate beneficiaries, and make necessary changes to their profiles.

VII. EPFO KYC (Know Your Customer)

Completing the EPFO KYC process is vital for members, as it helps in verifying their identities and avoiding discrepancies. Members need to submit relevant documents, such as Aadhaar, PAN, and bank account details, to complete the KYC process.

VIII. Checking EPFO Account Balance

Members have various options to check their EPF account balance. The online methods include the EPFO website, the UMANG app, or through SMS. For offline methods, members can visit an EPFO office or contact the EPFO customer care number for assistance.


Aspiring to work with EPFO requires candidates to appear for the UPSC EPFO Examination. The guide provides information on eligibility criteria, syllabus, and preparation tips for the exam.

X. Umang EPFO Services

The Umang app offers EPFO services on a mobile platform, making it more accessible to members. Through the app, members can view their EPF passbook, check their EPF balance, and even submit claims.

XI. EPFO Customer Support

EPFO values customer satisfaction and provides prompt assistance to address queries and issues. Members can reach out to the EPFO customer care number or contact support through various channels for timely resolutions.

XII. Conclusion

In conclusion, the EPFO offers a wide range of services, making it easier for members to manage their provident fund accounts and claims efficiently. By leveraging the online portal and other digital services, employees can experience a seamless and user-friendly EPFO experience, ensuring their financial security and future well-being.

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